Friday, 26 December 2014

How many tattoos do you have? Part twenty eight - Sailor Jerry mom tattoo

This is my one and only tattoo from Jeremy Friesen, from way back in like 2008 or so a little after I first started at Tattoo Zoo (back when we had red walls and separated stations in cubicles). He was, shall we say, reluctant to give me a tattoo for no reason other than because he was kind of a jerk.


Nah, he's actually a really funny guy, but definitely has that "mean tattoo guy" exterior. This photo cracks me up. He was actually reading in his station and didn't know that sign was up in the window, but he looks cartoonishly sad.

I guess after two years of putting up with me, one mother's day, he finally relented and I got that little Sailor Jerry flash dealy. It still looks as good as when I got it, I just took that photo a few weeks ago.  Can't go wrong with Sailor Jerry stuff or a mom banner, really.

I still need to get a "dad" tattoo! One day I will. :)

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