Saturday, 27 December 2014

i mother fckn phone six and a ten dollar jacket??!! Nova goes Boxing Day shopping.

Finally I am keeping up with the Joneses. I got my first non-embarassing GOLD phone! (And a ridiculous glittery case to boot) You have no idea what I was working with before I got this. Oh wait, I can show you.

Broken-ass iPod taped back together and a HTC Desire that wouldn't accept photos or ... do anything but phone calls, texts and be an alarm clock.There are so many small inconveniences that come with not having a "normal" phone like everybody else, something would come up nearly every day. Oh I can't see that picture, oh, I can't watch that video on instagram, oh my photo is too blurry, oh I can't go online on my phone I have to use my iPod but it won't open that website.I can't get that app, I can't do this I can't do that.

NOW I CAN DO EVERYTHING MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAA and it was SO inexpensive (and the plan is ok too). Plus, the guy was having trouble with his computer and had to restart the process of signing me up four times in the middle of a technology store on Boxing Day, and I think he was so appreciative that I wasn't a dick about it he gave me $50 off the phone and $10 off the case! Whaaaat. He didn't even say anything, I only noticed as I was paying.

So yeah, that was pretty sweet.

We had to get up at 5am yesterday to drive the kids up island to meet their mom, it's about a 3 hour drive. On the way home it was only 9am and we stopped at a mall in Nanaimo to get the older kid a SIIIICK birthday present (thank you sales at the mall!!). I saw an 85% off sale at a clothing store, walked in, picked up this jacket and yeah, it was $10. Last one in my size. Fuck yeah!!

ALSO I had a gift card to a bookstore and found a six-pack of ultra fine micron pens there! Everything was coming up Nova!! I am usually not a shop 'til you drop kind of gal but yesterday I sure was! I'm stoked!!

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