Tuesday, 27 January 2015

DIY toilets part two plus a panic attack

When we were at the hardware store looking at white paints I saw chalkboard paint, glow in the dark paint and a magnetic primer that you could put under any color and turn anything into a magnetic wall. I would like to purchase all of these please, and create some kind of spooky glowing chalkboard magnet room.

After installing our very own toilet on Saturday we took a look at the old clunker in our ensuite. We flushed it to see whether it would still make that faint "water running" noise and noticed the seal around the bottom become damp. And then a drop or two of water leaked out. HOW LONG HAD THIS BEEN HAPPENING?

So guess what we did.

Monday, yesterday, after work we drove back over to Costco and bought another low-flow magical easy install toilet. Except this one didn't go so smoothly. We did everything great ... but since the flooring in that bathroom is this like half inch thick tile, when we set the thing down it didn't set properly. It's hard to explain, wait let me find a diagram.

So at the bottom there, there's the flange, which is the conical dealy. This sits on a pipe that pretty much just comes out of the floor. In the first bathroom it was level with the flooring, but in the second one it was lower than the tile, set in concrete. The next thing, that yellow circle, that's wax. A fucking huge circle of wax. Now the deal is, the wax sits on the flange, then you pretty much just squish the pipe from the bottom of the toilet into the wax and that's your seal. 

The first time we set the toilet down it didn't even TOUCH the wax. So we had to go out and buy an "extra thick" wax PLUS another one that sits on top of that one. 

Yeah aren't you glad you're reading this blog right now? Welcome to terriblehomeimprovements.com

The worst thing was before we figured out it was just the wax ring being too low, we thought it was my fault for telling Ryan to set it down before we were certain it was centered. Because I couldn't see a damn thing and we thought somehow I said to set it down and then the wax moved or something. Okay it was really hard to see! I was trying! 


then I had a panic attack. 



I hate them so much. 

We figured out something was wrong, probably my fault and we were like "okay let's go to the store and ask someone what they think we should do."

Right? Not a huge deal. 

Ryan decided to eat some of the amazing ramen he had made earlier in the night. Oh yeah by the way it was like 8:30pm by this time. He asked if I wanted some but I weirdly didn't. 

I just wanted to go sit on the floor in the bathroom for a minute. 

Oh. Because I am crying now. 

Why am I 

I can't breathe. Shit. 

Calm down, calm down. 

Hyperventilating and tears streaming down my face. Try to get through it without drugs. Calm down, you're fine. It's ok. 

It's getting worse. 


"RYAN!" I called out, trying to sound normal because the kid was in the other room and he has no clue about this stuff.

He didn't hear me. 

"RYAN!" I yelled again, my voice definitely sounding weird. 

He heard me that time, came running in still holding his soup bowl. 

"Can you get me my bag?" I asked, totally sobbing and breathing so fast.

He did and I took an ativan. He went to the store and I sat on the floor hugging my knees and squeezing the straps of my backpack for the few minutes it took for the thing to dissolve under my tongue. 

And then, eerily calm. 

I took a selfie a few minutes after with the caption "life tip: never have a panic attack". Guess I just needed to make light of it and hear from people who had been there. And a lot of people wrote sweet comments. Thanks to all of you.

Anyway long story short, the double wax thing worked and it's all good and whatever, it's done. And now we have two amazing new toilets in our house and we did it all by ourselves and it wasn't that bad...for the most part. 

I got some new shelfy things and hooks and I'm going to find some kind of art for that room and maybe put glowing magnetic chalkboards all over it.

It's going to go from a secret ugly pee dungeon to a cute bathroom in no time.

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