Monday, 26 January 2015

DIY weekend

Well we certainly had a productive weekend, Ryan and I. Friday afternoon I needed to buy some soy milk, and we decided to get it at Costco, because, you know, I needed three for the price of one. Somehow we ended up looking at toilets.

I don't know, it happens when you're an adult I guess. I took a picture of it happening, which might actually subtract some of the "adult" from the equation. Not sure.

Anyway after a phone call to my super helpful boss who assured us it was easy to install, we bought one. It was late Friday evening when we got home so we decided to leave it in the living room overnight. But we were too excited about our new toilet so we took it out of the box so we could look at it.

The kid thought we were crazy and arranged a sleepover for the next day. 

That night I cracked open my new Drawing the Head and Figure book to the first page and tried drawing some simple heads. Somehow they turned out rather creepy. I guess that's just how I draw?

Saturday we brought T-dog to the vet about his weird foot thing and it was just as we thought. He had a cyst between his toes but it burst internally. (EW) and then the gunk spread under his skin and caused an infection. (EWWW) So now I'm feeding him gigantic pills twice a day (thank you, peanut butter) and bathing his foot and applying million dollar gel (that I assume is made of diamonds and Cher's tears) to the foot three times a day. So FUN!

AW, okay, he's worth it.


When we got home we changed into our worst clothes, watched some youtube videos on toilet installation and got to work. It really wasn't that bad or that difficult, considering neither of us had any idea what we were doing at all, and the instructions that came with the thing were ... vague, at best.

Go team!

I actually did help a lot, I didn't just sit around taking pictures of Ryan's plumber's butt but I couldn't help myself. It went great. And it works great. And there was no OH SHIT moment. (No pun intended, I shit you not.) (Pun intended.)

Everything is fine. Which is what you want when you've installed a toilet in your house.


Sunday we picked up the kid from his friend's house and went for brunch at a cute old-school cafe. Afterwards, still on a home improvement high from Saturday, went to a store and bought ourselves a can of white paint and a bunch of shelves and hooks and other little organizers. We got home and while I painted the trim in "my" bathroom, Ryan set up a shoe rack and touched up other paint around the house.

And then we all kind of hit a wall. The kid got a fever, plus he has a torn tendon in his leg already and is on crutches so he was out. Ryan and I just kind of ran out of steam. So we all sat around and watched the Simpsons and Family Guy and Brooklyn Nine Nine together.

And I drew more creepy faces.

Yeah ... I'm so glad I can have a sense of humor about all this drawing because if not I would be totally discouraged and quit. I have a gigantic sketchbook to fill with practice heads if I want. Soon my creepy faces might start looking like humans rather than aliens.This is literally my second time trying to draw people seriously, maybe in my life, so it's not that bad. I guess. Whatever. I don't even care. Shut up.

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