Friday, 2 January 2015

How many tattoos do you have? Part twenty nine - optical illusion book(s)

Yes, it's another optical illusion! I have a lot of them. This one was hard to get a photo of, it wraps halfway around my wrist. This is another one where I just liked a picture I found online and asked Gerry if I could have it. The original image said "MATH" and "SCIENCE" but I was like "let's just make it say book in English and Spanish" Obviously this was when I was studying Spanish literature in university. haha

It's funny sometimes you think you're making a random choice with tattoos but when you look back it's very obvious where the idea came from.

This tattoo was the first one I ever got that had whip shading in it. These are some WHIPS y'all.

Here's a picture of it under a very intense bathroom hand dryer, just for fun.

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