Friday, 2 January 2015


"Oh, I got a message from your sister!" Said Ryan, looking at his phone.

"Weird, I didn't get one." I said, looking at mine. "What does it say?

"Hi Ryan, hope you had a great Christmas, we are thinking about driving to Victoria for a few days and staying in a hotel near your place. Don't ... tell ... Nova."

We had a good laugh about that. And sure enough, they showed up a few days later, my sister and her fiancee and my brother too! I didn't even bother acting surprised, I'm a horrible liar, they would have seen right through me.

The first day they were here we went out to the breakwater and then fisherman's wharf to feed some seals and check out the interesting houseboats. The second day, New Years' Day, we went on a hike up to a 100 year old trestle bridge in the middle of the rainforest. Which makes it sound very exotic, I know. It's actually just a few miles from my house. Vancouver Island is pretty cool.

Here are ten thousand photos, most of which already made it to Instagram.


The breakwater.


Fisherman's Wharf - by the way, all photos from this day were taken using my iPhone 6's camera. Pretty fucking great, right? Man I'm stoked on that phone. 

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Goldstream park: fish bones, mossy trees, bald eagles and an icy waterfall through a secret tunnel.


The trestle bridge.

It was right about here on the hike that I had a full-on panic attack. I was embarrassed and I don't know why it happened. I guess a combination of heavy breathing and the feeling of nervousness I had about seeing all my loved ones on a scary super high bridge. 

I called Ryan back to me, and we told the rest of them to go on ahead. They did, and went the entirely wrong way and got kind of lost...good thing there was phone reception up there, lol. Anyway it got so bad and out of control I had to take an ativan. Which I wasn't sure about, up at the top of a mountain, but's either get high on a mountain or not breathe? So yeah. Don't worry, I stayed off the sketchy bridge and felt better almost immediately. Like, way better. hahaha



Yeah, it was a good adventure. And of course, New Years' Eve was cheerful too!

Ok there aren't many photos from that night but my brother wore his Go-Pro on his chest (lol) so I bet there's some hilarious video that's going to embarrass us all pretty soon. 


And New Year's Day was ... sleepy.

 Yuck, Nova, tuck that hair up in that hat better, lol.

It was such a fun few days, I'm so happy they drove out here! I love my family.

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