Wednesday, 7 January 2015

You haven't written a blog post since last week

Ryan pointed out that it's been a long time since I've posted anything. "I have nothing to say" was my answer. It's not really true, of course I have plenty to say all the time. But it's mainly boring things right now like:

"I want to sleep more."
"My feet are sore and I'm worried I will hurt them again"
"I am tired of smiling at strangers"
"Sometimes I have to share my desk with a lady who keeps foot cream and used napkins in the drawer"


So yeah, it's rush week at the college. This year I'm at the busier campus, and even though they shorten our cashier shifts down to four or five hours it's still pretty intense. The line-up starts at 7:30, half an hour before the store opens, and doesn't stop, literally all day until we close at 6. There is a line-up that goes around the building that entire time. There's a pretty amazing system in place where we have security at the door that only lets in about 20 students at a time so it's not insane inside the store but it just never ends. You turn into a robot.

"Did you find everything ok?"
"Are you familiar with our return policy?"
"Would you like a bag?"

Sometimes I change it up to something like:

"How was the line-up?"
"How'd you do?"
"Do you want to rent a locker?"
"Wow, looks like a busy term!"
"Is it raining out there?"
"It's an investment in your future." (to the ones sad about the price, hahaha yes I really say this)

And sometimes I just go "hey" and scan their shit because smiling and asking things all fucking day is exhausting. And between cash shifts I have to squeeze all my duties as assistant course materials buyer into a couple hours ... it's quite a whirlwind of book titles and billing and ordering and keeping track of numbers.

So I get home and this happens:

We were watching Dumb and Dumber. I fell asleep too, and woke up to Ryan bringing me a plate of spaghetti which is a pretty decent way of waking up if you ask me!


What else? What else? Well, I've done a few more Simpsons things since I last posted, here are the latest:

Oh and I got a couple more sick patches from Metadope to throw onto my backpack. I have four I need to sew on there now.

I get made fun of at the bookstore by the staff for having patches on my bag. I don't know why. Also they all think I'm a teenager I just found out yesterday. I set a few people straight. I'm a LADY goddamn it.

It's weird to spend time with people who literally know nothing about you, they certainly come up with some interesting ideas. I was also told a few weeks ago that it's obvious I don't read much (???!!!!) by my supervisor because I didn't know who some mid-century novelist was. Um. Okay. I didn't even bother to correct her, it's funny to me for people to get such a wrong idea. 

At the same time though, it's pretty lonely. And so I've requested to work more at Tattoo Zoo again. I don't care if I have to work six days a week, I need to be around more people like me. Not sure what I'm "like" exactly but I miss those guys and the tattoo shop atmosphere something fierce. 

I just need more balance between the two jobs.  And that's it. I have to get dressed now so this is the end of this post.

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