Friday, 13 February 2015

And now a more positive post

Sorry for being so gosh darn negative lately everybody. Here are some fun updates, because guess what, life isn't always depression and mean people!

Yesterday a rep from a stationary supplier came by the bookstore and I got to take some of the free samples she left. Oh, and some chocolate bars were nearing their sell-by date. So I came home with this haul of free stuff.

That's "color infused" black ink pens, some neato mechanical pencils, a set of prismacolor pencil crayons .... and treats. Yeah. All for FREEEE. There were some really cool pencils that had their own sharpener attached right to them but someone else grabbed those, darnit.

Anyway fuck yeah free art supplies!!

I gave the kid the pencil crayons, because the day previous he was telling me about this brand of pencil crayons that were supposed to be soooo goooood and he wished he had some but they're expensive, etc etc. Yup, Prismacolor. So I was quite the hero. I did the whole "what brand of crayon did you say was so great?" thing and when he told me I pulled them out of my bag like YOU MEAN THESE!!!!!!???


Speaking of the kid, he's had a torn ligament in his leg and hasn't been able to do karate for around a month, and yesterday was his first day back. The entire house seems happier when he's gotten some exercise and isn't confined to sitting around with a hurt leg all day.


Winter looks like this here in Victoria right now. It's still quite grey and rainy but ... flowers! Somebody told me yesterday that the reason it's so rainy is because of the Pineapple Express and I thought "...the ... movie??" Luckily I didn't say that out loud. ha


The dog has stopped barfing from his medications and seems to be doing a little bit better. His foot is looking less disgusting and he's a bit more mobile. More good news.


Today I am being paid for a full 8 hrs to attend some kind of corporate team building meeting thing. The entire college is closed and we are all getting together in a gym and listening to speakers. Somebody said we have to sing kumbaya but I don't know if they were joking. And they did a drum circle last year? Um? I'm half scared and half intrigued. I'm sure by the end of the day I'll be all bored, but whatevs.

I mean, honestly, I like attending seminars and hearing people speak from a crowd so I'm sure it'll be fun. I made three separate people swear to me on their lives that we wouldn't be doing role playing games and that I won't have to ever get up in front of a crowd and they all said no, you just sit there and listen. So that's good.

Oh speaking of that, it's 6:30 and it takes me 2 hours to get out there by bus and I need to be there by 8:40. Welp, time to get dresssed I guess. What does one wear to such an event? Hm.


I'm going with no tattoos showing, hair up, maybe glasses. Yup.

Ok wish me luck, I've never been to one of these things before.

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