Tuesday, 10 February 2015

free writing session

I have so much to say but a lot of it is stuff I wouldn't want some people in my life to read, I guess I'll have to keep it in a private journal and complain to Ryan and my friends. Generally, I think I can say it's an identity crisis of sorts. I'll leave it at that. But really I could write for hours on this topic.

This is a time I wish this blog was anonymous. Ah well. Whatevskies.


I've done a few more drawings this week. It's one thing that is making me feel pride in something. You know how coloring can be a meditative activity? Well this is like coloring PLUS I feel like I made something cool. Win/win. I'm so happy I found something I enjoy so much.

I'm not totally happy with the Bender pick pocket one and the blue Marges but the other three? I'm pretty stoked about. I feel like I'm improving and learning something with each drawing.

One thing I definitely have to work on is planning a bit more before starting something with multiple images in it, like the Bender one. The planets are too big, the colors are all wrong, I colored in Homer's helmet before realizing it would look better white... stuff like that. Same with the Marge picture, all it needed was better planning and it could have been amazing. 


I can't believe I did all those in one week. What the? 

I checked with the college copyright adviser and she told me it is not violating any Canadian copyright laws drawing these, nor would it be to sell them as prints or whatever I want. So yeah, I'm considering it.

Step one: learn photoshop so I can fix any imperfections. Step two: ???. Step three: profit!


I'm feeling so antisocial and so discontent, but you know. I am never really happy in the winter. I guess, like Milli Vanilli said, just blame it on the rain. But I've been discovering a ton of new bands. I'm really into silly epic doom and death metal. Really dark with a touch of the Lord of the Rings and dragons feel. For example, I've been enjoying Winds of Plague quite a lot.

Look at that album artwork! Yup.

I played a song by these guys for the kid and he asked me if the singer was the devil. hahahahahaha Yes, yes he is.

But for fuck's sake, when I was looking up that video I googled the band name and saw a couple pictures of them and I might not like them anymore. Come on, guys, what's this all about? Yuck.

Don't they know every band is supposed to look like the characters in the show Vikings? 



Anyway that's about it. Welp, see ya later.

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