Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How many tattoos do you have? Part thirty five - mandala gap-fillers

I don't know why I'm being so lazy about taking nice photos of these things lately, I guess it feels too navel gaze-ey to do a nice well-lit photoshoot of the front of my arm. Anyway you basically get the picture here, they're some pretty all-black mandalas. I got the larger one from Mikel Johnson, when he was briefly working at Tattoo Zoo, and then the smaller one after he left and opened up a private studio.

These were literally my least painful tattoos, as they're mainly dots. Ah shit I should really take a better photo so you can see that at least.

Ha, I ended up just Googling my old blog name and "Mikel" and found some pictures. Good old broadcasting my entire life on the internet, it's very helpful. Here's the blog post about getting tattooed.

Anyway you can see that there are zero lines in that tattoo. He went back in and added some after it healed for contrast, but it's still just mainly dots.

Mikel is a very interesting person, the entire experience of being tattooed by him was completely different from anybody else I've been tattooed by. He's extremely spiritual and really puts that energy out towards his clients/friends. Even as a non-believer in all that business it was fun to play along and get into it. I don't know, he cleansed my aura or something with some special water after my cat died and it did actually make me feel better so maybe I'm the weird one for not taking it seriously.

The coolest thing about working around Mikel was that he actually had real knowledge of different "tribal" styles of tattooing. He understands the shapes in Polynesian tattooing, and what a Buddhist symbol actually means, that kind of thing. And each tribal piece wasn't just shapes, it actually had meaning. Of course, this would bring around the strangest clients, but it kept things interesting. 

So yeah. I think the mandalas are a really nice way to fill all those weird gaps, plus you can just kind of fade them out behind other stuff pretty easily. There ya go, an idea for all of you who don't know what to do with strange spaces between tattoos.

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