Friday, 27 February 2015

Reading in 2015 - book 4 - I Robot by Issac Assimov

Science Fiction always makes me feel weird. I guess it's part of the experience, it's written in such a minimal style and kind of leaves me feeling cold. But when you're reading about robots and the future that is how you want to feel. So yeah, it's perfect.

I loved this book. I know it's a movie too, I haven't seen it and frankly I can't understand how they ever took this material and turned it into a Will Smith movie. Basically it's a series of short stories chronicling the way robots and mining in outer space evolved over the lifetime of one scientist, a robopsychologist. And yeah, I loved it.The aesthetic of the book cover up at the top of this post is how the mood of the book felt, if that makes sense. Retrofuturistic.

So if you're at all into SciFi and haven't, for whatever reason, read this yet, DO IT.


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