Friday, 6 March 2015

6 new Simpsons drawings

I was just going through my draft posts, I didn't realize it but there are 25 unposted posts. Most are garbage or half-thought-out rants, but one made me laugh.

The title was "lazy person Halloween costume ideas" and then there was nothing in the body of the post.

I want to share some of my more recent Simpsons drawings, it's been a while. I've been working quite a lot, and usually don't find the, I don't know what to call it, the "creative spirit" after working a full day plus spending 3-4 hours on a bus. BUT that being said, I still found time for these.

The first one of Otto actually came about because I took the kid out to the coffee shop for an art date one Sunday afternoon and was showing him how to draw mandalas.

Next thing you know I've put them in like three drawings.

I was mad at myself for not planning this one out better, it says "That's Hill William to you, sir." But you can't even read the stupid thing because the lettering goes behind Cletus and Brandine, and the colors are all wrong and there's like 45 other things I don't like about it.
Good idea, poor execution.

This one was supposed to be sort of like a tattoo flash sheet. It's okay I guess. I feel like I should have worked more on some of the designs. I do like Chief Wiggum and the Duff beer can. And the hand with the arrows too. The rest need some TLC. 

I must have put a filter on this in Instagram, so it looks all muddy. 

You can tell with this one I was trying out my "Draw 50 plants" book. That was basically the purpose of this entire page, was to try drawing mushrooms and palm trees. I accidentally made all the characters be on vacation, and only noticed later on. Cool coincidence. I had issues with a black pen being thicker than I thought it was, as you can see on Bart's eyes. The volcano was a last minute addition but I think it worked out A-Ok.

This one, I was just fooling around drawing Marge and thought it would be funny to make her pubes a gigantic blue bush, and then I was like "70s bush" and then this happened. I am not totally fond of it but I like elements of it. I hate the banner, I like Homer's collar and the mandalas, and the rest is ok. Even the banner would be ok with different writing on it. Meh. 

And I'm still working on this last one, but I really like how it's coming out. I started with the rose border and thought that would be enough until it was almost finished. It looked so bare in the middle.

So I asked around for some opinions, but didn't really like any of them. I wanted it to be a grey-ish background. Then I thought hey, cities are grey. Et, voila. It needs a lot of stuff still but I'm really into how this one is looking. 

I've also started trying to draw Tank but I suuuuuck so far. They look sort of okay in this far away sideways angle but trust me, they are not good.

So what have you drawn lately?

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