Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Currently: March 31st. It's not my period.

March was a weird one. I was suddenly so tired. I mean SO SO SO tired. Still am. It started a couple weeks ago. And I couldn't shake it. I was literally falling asleep on the bus (THREE TIMES in one week), I was going to bed at 7pm, and it was seriously affecting my work and home lives. I was getting dumber and couldn't focus. All I wanted to do was just ... rest my eyes ... for a minute zzzzzzzzzzz

Nothing would help. I'd chug 3 cups of coffee and then just ... lie ... down .. for a minzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I thought maybe it was because I changed anti-anxiety meds. So of course I Googled it, like any idiot would do. And once I got past the "you definitely have cancer" information, I came across a list of symptoms that made me think there was something wrong with my liver.

The list matched all my weird abdominal pains, plus being tired, plus the fact that I don't like drinking alcohol any more. Anyway I went to the walk in clinic the next day and had blood taken and tested. My liver is fine, thank you very much. But I'm anemic.


That makes sense.

The clinic doctor who gave me the diagnosis, without looking at my past history or anything, said it was probably because of my period. He asked if it's especially heavy and I said "no, not really" and he totally wasn't listening and said "yeah this happens quite often with women of your age, heavy periods cause anemia" and I was like "ok whatever it's not my period" and he was like dreaming about going golfing or something so I said thanks and left.

So I was prescribed these special extra iron ... prenatal vitamins.


I got home from the doctor, Ryan was at work, and told the kid about the vitamins. He came up with this ultra hilarious joke to show the vitamins to Ryan and scare the shit out of him, basically.

I pretended that was a hilarious idea, then secretly warned Ryan via text, because that kind of joke is not funny to us. He played along.


So since I am anemic I became certain I am bleeding internally and probably most definitely still dying of something terrible. (Thanks, anxiety.) Luckily I had an appointment with a GI specialist booked from 8 months ago that fell yesterday morning.

The guy asked me ten billion questions, did a quick feel of my tummy and then said he was almost 100% certain it's nothing serious. (YAY) and gave me a new diet to try and all these requisition forms for tests for H Pylori, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, all kinds of stuff. So yeah, wouldn't it be great if I was just lactose intolerant this whole time or something easy like that?

Anyway long story short, it's probably my period.


So lately I've been

Eating: non-spicy food, boring food, and then once in a while I go crazy and buy a bag of potato chips and regret it later but I don't even care as I'm eating the salty goodness. Bananas are my new friend. And other boring things.

Making: so many drawings. I'm branching out from the Simpsons and did a Bob's Burgers one and a Beavis and Butthead. Good times.

Listening to: nothing new. I'm stuck in a music rut a little bit.

Wearing: Since I work at the bookstore 4-5 days a week it's been a lot of nondescript clothing. Like, plain pants, plain t-shirt, cardigan.

Planning: I'm starting to get my finances together a little bit. Planning a budget. Having grown up rather poor and then suddenly rich as a teenager (my mom married a very well-off man when I was 13) I never really learned what to do with money. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it, and it's difficult!

Working on: A drawing of Mr. Burns and Smithers with weird long necks and arms that is all in pinks and purples. I'm using the neon pink sharpie waaay too often lately. It's just such a striking color.

Reading: I'm reading Looking for Alaska by John Green rigIht now. I like it, but I don't know. Maybe because of my period because I've been so ooooo oooo tired lately, I haven't been able to focus on a book.

Watching: Better Call Saul. It's great. Um ... other things too, but I can't think of them. Walking Dead. zzzzzzzzzzzz oh sorry I fell asleep trying to think of more shows.

Loving: My dumb old dog. The idiot just head butted me in the arm while I was holding a full cup of coffee, but he did it out of love so I'm not mad. I actually burst out laughing because it was so stupid.

Waiting for: This weekend! It's a long one and I'm so excited to have a few days off. We get Friday AND Monday off for Easter at the college. YES. YEEESSSSSS.

What are you up to?

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