Thursday, 5 March 2015

How many tattoos do you have? Part 36 - Party Panther! (plus a better shot of the hip rooster)

Excuse my lack of pedicured toenails or whatever, I am not a fancy lady, just some normal person who keeps their toenails short and their feet clean and believes that is enough thank you very much.

This tattoo is a Hunter Spanks design, and it was the first tattoo I got after starting to work at Tattoo Zoo, so it's about 8 years old now. I found it while going through some tattoo flash website and just kept laughing at it for days until Gerry, my boss, said something like "why don't you just get it already?"

And so I did.

You guys. Foot tattoos are BRUTAL. They hurt so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER GET ONE

No, just kidding, you should get one. Two actually. Or more. Because they look good and you can wear open shoes and feel all cool or whatever, but I warn you, they hurt a lot.

Except when my mom got her foot tattooed, she said it was easy and barely hurt. So maybe my mom's a liar but I doubt it, why would she lie about that?

ALSO, when looking for tattoo pictures I had in my billions of pictures I found a better one of the hip rooster from a few weeks back, if anyone still cares to see it.

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