Saturday, 21 March 2015

It's Michaels'z fault - random artsy thoughts

I am running out of room in my mixed media book where I've been drawing my Simpsons things, so last night at 8pm I went out to Michaels to get another one. They're like 20 bucks, but from all the use I've been getting from it, totally worth it. 

Well I came home an hour later, I was literally there until they closed, arms loaded with two different sizes of books, metallic markers, more neon Sharpies, some white markers (yes, WHITE), some glitter markers (lol) and two different packs of colored cardstock.

I cannot be trusted in Michaels. I will always find things I don't need but REALLY WANT. And I can always justify the extra um, eighty fucking dollars. Dude. It's Michaels' fault. They know how to market to crafty people too well. 

But so I was thinking of doing little mini drawings on the cardstock, maybe in WHITE OR GOLD OR SPARKLES or all of the above, who knows. 

I also tried out watercolors in earnest for the first time on Thursday night. I always talk myself out of painting because I tell myself the set up and the clean up is too much work. But it was literally the same as getting out all my markers, except I had to get a bit of water from the tap as well. 

This is how far I got. I think Bart needs a lot more work but not bad for my first time playing with watercolors, considering I have no idea what I'm doing. 

I actually really like the look of this before I started adding details, I think I want to try another one that's very minimalistic like this next. 


I've been taking myself out on early morning dates to the coffee shop. Yesterday I brought my drawing stuff and ended up working for hours, listening to a new podcast I really like called You Made It Weird. It's another Nerdist podcast of comedians talking to each other basically, but it's great. I've listened to six episodes in two days.

Anyway I only ended up leaving because a huge table of retirees pulled up beside me and kept bumping me with their chairs and laughing like they were at a frat party, they disturbed my calm oasis. 

So I went home and finished the entire thing. It took me HOURS but it felt like no time had gone by at all, it's like a productive meditation, drawing and coloring these things. 

I got super angry when I started coloring in the flowers, because that really dark color I thought would be less black and more purple but it's VERY black. I thought I ruined the entire thing, but it ended up being okay in the end. And I'm quite proud of that banner, it might be the best banner I've ever done. I also think, even though Homer's body and arms might be a bit too long and narrow I still nailed the facial expression and the general body position. All in all, I'm proud of this one.

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