Friday, 27 March 2015

realizing your age

You know you're getting older when your little sister picks out bridesmaid dresses and you have to tell her you can't do strapless because your boobs won't work in it.

Oh yeah, also your little sister is getting freaking married. That's a pretty big deal. ALSO your little brother is engaged too. You're double old if two of your younger siblings are getting married soon.

I bought a cardigan yesterday with the college's logo on it. Old.

I ate a bran muffin with no raisins for breakfast just now. Old.

I had a nap yesterday afternoon. Old.

I might have an ulcer or some other stomach problem and I take prescription antacids every day. Old. 

I've been so conscious lately, maybe because we've got a nearly-teenager in the house, of becoming one of those not cool older people who think they're cool but they're really just stuck in the time they were a teenager.

Maybe I should try and like hip hop or whatever the youths are listening to these days. Is metal "old person" music now? I want to say hell no, but maybe it is. The new edgy is rapping about weed and being awesome, not screaming about death.

A couple weeks ago Ryan and I went to pick up the kid from football practice. We kept our distance as they were finishing up their drills, and he walked over to us when he was ready to go. We headed toward the car and one of the kid's friends caught up to us. Ryan rushed ahead but I said hi to the friend and kept pace with them. To me, I was welcoming the kid to our group, but Ryan whispered NOVA! And waved me over to him. I jogged over and he told me to stop embarrassing the kid and give him some space.

It only then hit me, I am not "cool" to be seen with. I am embarrassing in a parent sort of way when we are out in public.

So yeah. I'm like, an old lady now. Deal with it.

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