Saturday, 14 March 2015

really expensive marge leggings, and more!

Redbubble has added leggings as an option for selling your stuff. I tried it out with my "queen marge" design. That price is outrageous though, sorry guys. I can set the price point up or down a bit but if I lower it much more than that I make nothing on them.

So yeah, anybody interested in 72 dollar leggings? Find them here! lol

Something a little more affordable would be the sticker version. I put up a few stickers, but am planning on adding a lot more in the next few days to the "SIMPSONSMANIA" collection. So maybe don't check it out today, but come back on like Monday or Tuesday. That'd be great.


In other news, um, nothing. 

I'm tired. As little as I want to admit it, working 6 days a week is hard. I'm not doing it next week but the next I am again. I really don't want to say no to the extra shifts but damn Jackie. 

(That was a That 70s Show reference, out of left field, I know!)

Today I'm working at the tattoo shop which I have been looking forward to all week.I've noticed, since being away so much lately, just how amazing it is to be around creative people. And for me, it's very eye opening to be around "normal" people.

For example, I've noticed quite a few (unwelcome) sexual innuendos being thrown around by other staff (nobody we work with but people who come in from other places). And the ladies I work with are polite about it, sometimes laughing it off or demurely deflecting them. Now, if somebody was trying to pull that at the tattoo shop the women I work with (and I) would shut that shit down fast enough to make their head spin (while at the same time selling them a $500 tattoo).

I don't know what I'm trying to say, there's a lot of normalized sexism I guess. A lot of "you know how to bake", a lot of mansplaining...I was dusting a shelf and a repair man told me I was doing a "good job" ... yesterday everybody was clamouring to stare at a transgender mtf woman in the cafeteria...this one lady is totally not meaning to be racist but says semi-racist things all the time (which is really awkward for me). I'm going to write a post of all the things she's said to me I think.

Maybe it's because the median age of the employees is probably somewhere in the 50s?



I don't know. I've had to shut down a few awkward situations this week. 


Yesterday I thought I would try something different with what felt like a bad anxiety attack (not a panic attack, just anxiety) coming on at like 9am. I took an ativan as I felt it ramping up, so I wouldn't have to deal with hours of a gnawing fear and paranoia chattering in the back of my head. 

Well that was a bad idea. 

The anxiety went down which, yeah, that's all well and good. But I went down with it. All day, and I mean ALL DAY, like 12 hours, I felt like it was those ten minutes before you finally admit you're tired and go to bed. I could have curled up and been snoring in 30 seconds at any time. 

Did I mention I was working as a cashier in a busy bookstore all day? 

The day draggggggggggggggggged on. I'd look at the clock and it was 2 minutes later than the last time I looked. ALL DAY. And I was so sleepy and fuzzy-brained. I must have been so frustrating to work with. 

On my way home I fell asleep on the bus THREE times. 

I guess I'm glad I tried it because there really are no rules with these kinds of things, but I won't be doing that again. SO not worth it.

I really don't understand people who enjoy that feeling. Blah.

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