Monday, 20 April 2015

How many tattoos do you have? Part thirty eight - In Your Face panther

I actually chose this one because Kyle Carter had done a painting of it when he worked at Tattoo Zoo and I just really liked it. I thought it was funny because moths always fly up in your face, plus it looks totally bad-ass. I added the words, and now it's kind of hilarious when I wear a pretty dress that shows anything over the knee.

When I was about 2/3 done getting this tattoo the phone rang, it was for me. It was Ryan. In the hospital. He had just been in a car accident. He was okay he said, but the car was smashed and he was just going to take the bus home.

I was lying there on the table literally getting the side of my knee tattooed, trying to convince him to take a taxi. It was the weirdest thing, we had about 30-45 minutes left on the tattoo, I didn't have a car or anything so there was no way I could help Ryan get home, and he insisted he was fine and to finish the tattoo. So I did, feeling insanely guilty and more and more panicked.

I still had a long-ass bus ride home, then I had to walk home from the bus stop. I ran most of the way, fresh knee tattoo and all.

I got home and he was lying on the couch and I cried from relief, he was there, he was (sort of) okay, I didn't kill him by finishing my tattoo. He ended up having to go through months of physiotherapy for soft tissue damage and this was years ago and he can still easily hurt his neck if he's not careful.

So that's the story of my in your face panther.

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