Wednesday, 8 April 2015

One of those perfect days.

Easter Sunday was great. The kids were at their moms all weekend, so Ryan and I had plenty of grownup time to ourselves. We watched the movie Interstellar. We seriously pigged out on Chinese food and chocolate cake. He got started on a killer stomach tattoo and I went shopping for fun things like music and books and joggers in the sunshine.


There is a used book store I've been avoiding for some time, I know it's dangerous just from the way the books are stacked in the windows, and the fact that it's three stories tall. And on Sunday I finally went in and fell in love as I knew I would.

I was on the hunt for a specific book, but definitely checked out the paranormal section and the art section too. I didn't even venture to the fiction area, that would have been another five hours worth of browsing. They had one copy of the book I wanted, for four dollars.

Over the past few years I've heard of this book over and over, but have had zero luck locating it anywhere. And there it was, that entire time, with that amazing '90s cover and everything.


Ryan took me to his favorite record store while Caroline finished setting up for his tattoo. I have to be honest, I don't know much about records and I am not good in music stores to begin with. I feel super judged the second I walk into one, like I have to put on a show of liking only the coolest music and not looking at the NEW section because I have some totally killer underground musical taste.

But then I spotted the metal section and instantly grabbed a Graveyard album I hadn't heard yet and it was all over for me. I also secretly bought Ryan a Death Grips album because I knew he was going to have a hell of a day getting his stomach tattooed. 

This is embarrassing but I had to ask Ryan to show me how to play this record when we got home. I literally have never used a record player in my life (that I can recall). Turns out it's pretty easy.


So Ryan got his stomach tattooed. Everybody at my work was like "it's gonna hurt sooooo baaaaaad" and I swear I was more nervous than he was. When Caroline's machine did that first little "bzz bzz" I had to turn away. I couldn't watch. But he was fine. Ryan is a tough motherfucker.

They only got the lines in, but look how BAD ASS this tattoo is. I love it so much!! When Caroline showed me the first sketch I was so excited that I get to look at it all the time! :)

Ryan's not bad to look at either. Daaang. (heart eyes emoji)


While he was getting tattooed I went on a walk around downtown, went to the mall and bought myself some men's joggers (they have actual pockets and don't say something stupid on the ass). Then I sat outside of the tattoo shop with a Starbucks and a book in the sunshine. It was seriously wonderful. 

Except ...

Across the street were two middle aged homeless people laying on the sidewalk in a sleeping bag. And they thought it was hilarious that I was reading. They kept yelling "CHAPTER ONE, bla bla bla, CHAPTER TWO, bla bla bla blaaaAAaa" and then around nine the chapters started all being about stabbing, which was mildly worrisome. "Chapter nine, get stabbed nine times, the tenth one is free!" (Evil cackling laughter.) "Chapter ten, getting stabbed ten times is not fun!" (Cackle cackle)

I just tuned them out after chapter eleven but what the heck? I guess reading is still dorky ... to hobos? 

Hey, speaking of the word "hobo" is that an offensive term? A friend of mine got in internet trouble for using the word on Instagram last week. Now I'm paranoid about it.


After Ryan's appointment we went home and a lot of this happened.

What a great day. 


(song by Death Grips)

(song by Graveyard)

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