Sunday, 12 April 2015

Reading in 2015 - Book 5 - Looking For Alaska by John Green

This is a hard one to write about without giving any spoilers. The gist of it is this: a gifted teenage boy gets into an elite boarding school, where he is placed with an eccentric roommate and meets a beautiful girl named Alaska. There's a coming of age-i-ness to the story, and it's quite good. There's also a countdown to something which I always find enticing. (Each chapter is titled something like "45 days before")

There are funny bits and sad bits and poignant bits, and it's an easy quick read. I liked it alright. I kind of had a tough time reading this though, no fault of the book's, because I was going through a very tired time in my life and was trying to read it before bed. So I'd get through half a chapter and fall asleep. I bet if I read it in larger chunks I would have liked it more.


I am very disappointed that I've only read five books so far this year. What the hell, me? I meant to hit 50 in 2015, but how the hell am I going to do that now? I'm months behind!! Somebody tell me some good short books to read! :)

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