Saturday, 18 April 2015

Reading in 2015 - Book 6 - I'm With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie by Pamela DesBarres (NSFW)

First off, this is an ADULT book. Do not let your kids get hold of this until they're 18+ (haha) I had a hard time finding this book but have heard of it so many times that I went on a mission one day and found it in an amazing used book store for $4.20.

I opened it with high expectations and was not disappointed. Have you ever read the Electric KoolAid Acid Test or any of those books set in the time of real hippies and freaking out the squares and all that? I am fascinated with that time, and a lot of this book takes place around love-ins and all sorts of crazy shit I can't even imagine.

The way this book is written, I actually remembered feeling those lusty teenage feelings. And there are journal entries and photos throughout the book as well, making the entire thing even more fascinating.

This book had me Googling things like this:

 (Creepy-ass Tiny Tim)

And this:

(Frank Zappa's cabin)

And this:

(Pamela in the '60s)

There are so many stories that made me go WHAAAAT.

That being said, after around the halfway mark, the book starts getting really sappy; the story turns less into a sexual conquest and more into the quest for a husband. There are still little insane tidbits, little moments involving people like Jimmy Page, Elvis, Keith Moon and the like, that make it worth reading to the end, but I felt like the book lost its magic after she got into her mid 20s.

Just like the lifestyle of a groupie. 



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