Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Reading in 2015 Book 8 - The 100 by Kass Morgan

To be honest I only took this book out of the library at all because Ryan watched the first season of the show on Netflix and declared it "pretty good". I would say this is an older teen novel, there are some very adult themes but it still has that easy-reading feel to it and the story is presented from the point of view of teenagers.

Basically, humanity has been all but killed off on earth due to some kind of catastrophe and one colony survived, living for generations and generations in a space station, never setting foot on earth. They have been killing all criminals, but have a rule that if somebody commits a crime as a juvenile, they can't be executed until they're 18 so they are held in a cell until their 18th birthday.

Well there are 100 teenagers waiting to be executed, and the head cheese decides that now is the time to send a party of explorers back to earth to find out if the air is breathable and the radiation levels are low enough to survive. And so he rounds up the delinquents and sends them back to earth with hardly any supplies.

It's a cool idea, a futuristic Lord of the Flies kind of. I liked it. There is a part 2 and I may just read it as well.


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