Thursday, 28 May 2015

I have started and deleted four or five blog posts in a row over the past few days. They always start out as sunshine and rainbows and then I go into this super dark place of job searching and weird work politics and depression and honestly nobody wants to hear about it. So then I post pictures of my cute little doggie and it's all good.

Let's just say the facts without feeling to get it out of the way: the guy who got my job turned it down, it is being re-posted at some indefinite time in the future and so I have it until that happens. When it is re-posted I will have to re-apply and possibly re-interview if I want it. In the meantime the shipper/receiver is going to Europe for a couple weeks so I will be covering him as well as doing the buyer job. So literally all I know is I have full time hours for two weeks and then ??

That's all I'll say about that.

I've been working on a new super weird drawing using only a very fine nib pen and some dipping ink like an olde tyme lady. Or more likely man because the lady would have been in the kitchen or whatever. Anyway it's really neat using this pen, it's SO fine, you can get the teeeniest little lines. The only thing I don't understand is how to keep drips of ink from randomly flying out of the pen, it only happens sometimes and I don't know what I'm doing (or not doing) to make it happen.

See the drips all over the damn page? Some of those dark spots are just the finished centers of the flowers but some of them are just random drips that make me sad. I read that you can just use white ink and cover any mistakes so I plan on trying my Faber Castell white pen over it, maybe that's what the thing is for!

Anyway this thing is pretty big, and it's SO FUN to work on. I may have found a new "thing" for a while.


I know I literally just got a super cool tattoo but I'm getting another one on Saturday from Eckel (who did the hand/beetle on my thigh) and I am SO freaking excited. I was flipping through his "secret" sketchbook and found a drawing that is so perfect it's ridiculous. I tried to explain it to some of the ladies at the book store and they just looked at me like I was the hugest weirdo, hahaha. Non-tattooed people totally don't get it.

Anyway it's like a skeleton grim reaper thing but it's giving bunny ears to itself? Yeah I guess it sounds weird when you write it out. lol trust me it's amazing.


The boys are all back from the Sasquatch music festival. That's right, I was home alone for five days. Usually I enjoy it when they go but this year I had a really hard time. Bla bla bla depression etc.

Anyway it looks like they had a blast.


That's all from me.

End transmission.

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