Sunday, 24 May 2015

New Drawings

I'm way proud of this one, it all just came together so nicely. I'm really into those flower borders lately. They're just pretty and nice and cool and great and etcetera. 

The grey Looney Tunes background was a spur of the moment thing and I am so lucky it totally worked, it was a gamble.


I am so mad about this, This is a cool one, but I colored over a couple pencil lines on the lady's nose with Copic marker, and guess what, you cannot erase pencil after you do that. 


So yeah. Live and learn, right?

I want to do a lot of different monster/lady things in the future, they're really fun.


This one is weird, I know. It took me for-fucking-ever to make, so you all better appreciate the hell out of it. LOOK AT THE WEIRD BART SNAKE AND APPRECIATE IT. 

I got to try out my white Faber Castell india ink marker. It's great but not as opaque as I thought it would be. I had to layer it quite a bit to make the white look white. Still, better than nothing. And once it dries you can put colors over it too.


This one is postcard size on cardstock. The triceratops bones will glow under black lights. I took myself on a coffee shop date a few weeks ago with a pencil, an eraser, sharpies and a bunch of postcard sized bits of cardstock. This is one of the ones I drew. I finally finished it today.

Happy about it, I think it worked out nicely.


It's really hard to get a picture of those neon sharpies, they're so light reactive they always look washed out. In person they are BRIGHT. I'm such a fan. They sell them at the office supply store up the street from my house, and I am just tempted to go out and get handfuls of them. For some reason I'm paranoid they'll be discontinued.

This is one of my favorite Simpsons moments. 

Stupid sexy Flanders!


Tell me what you've made lately!

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