Monday, 18 May 2015

You can sit around feeling sorry for yourself or you can try something.

 I started this post twice before deciding to NOT include any of those silly negative thoughts and the false upbeat overcompensation that comes with job loss. I've applied for four positions that are all for very good jobs. I am saving the grocery stores and other low-paying and/or retail jobs for if I become desperate. For now I have my hopes up about a couple good spots. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

In other (kind of related) news, I opened an etsy shop. This is for my original drawings for now, and in the future I will probably sell prints there as well.

I gathered all my work together into one big pile and wow, I had 46 pieces to sell, not including the few I want to make prints of. So in total, I've created more than 50 drawings I am happy with. That's a huge number. And while writing this I just checked, I've already made a sale! That feels really good.

Tomorrow I am going to see if the printshop at the college will print something that's a swear word. Ha!

Here are a few of what I have in the store:


Some other things I've been up to:

Reading, being anti social, drawing, hanging out with the dog in the field a lot, taking care of my eyes, drawing some more...


I've had a couple of dumb weeks, and hopefully this is just the beginning of more, better, bigger, happier. I've made myself a tattoo appointment for this week, I'm job searching every day, I'm spending time in the sunshine, I'm going to the gym every once in a while ... 

Things will be looking up soon, I think.

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