Wednesday, 3 June 2015

among the most amazing

When I found out I was losing my job (and before I found out I was keeping it for an indefinite timespan...ugh so confused) I was angry. I went through lists of things I could do with my new "freedom".

One of the things I thought about was going back to school. Me. School. Again.



My not so secret desire is to just learn to draw and paint and tell stories all day long. Is there a certificate or a degree you can get that allows you to do such a thing?

Guess what. There is. And it's actually at the college where I am currently working.

There exists a magical unicorn of a program, a year long Comic Book and Graphic Novel program. You learn how to draw using perspective and how to move a story forward, how to write scripts, how to market yourself, publishing ...

A couple weeks ago, after a long day of applying for maybe 30 jobs I hadn't heard back from, I thought "ah, fuck it" and put down the application fee.

And then I started visiting the website for the course over and over. I started building the timetable, I emailed the instructors to find out if some courses I took in 2009 can be applied to this program (and they can!). I looked into student finance. I started believing it was actually something I could do.

I got an email telling me all I had to do next was submit a 500 word essay basically telling them why they should accept me into the program, and a portfolio of recent work I've done. They also said to hurry because they only take 20 students a year and I had already missed the info session.

I was nervous but so very glad I've been drawing so much lately. So I gathered up what I thought was a pretty well-rounded representation of what I can do, and thanked my lucky stars I can write an essay in like 20 minutes. I sent it all away and crossed my fingers very early yesterday morning.

Before lunch time I had my reply.

Dudes. Among the most amazing?!!!

I floated on the clouds for hours after reading that. So. Yeah. Looks like my life is going in a new direction in the Fall.


Comic Books. I mean, how perfect.

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