Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Life Lately

I was all inspired by Rae's summertime post, although my summer hasn't been quite as magical looking as hers is, I've had a few magic moments between working working working.

Magic number 1:

A little music festival happened a couple kilometers from my house, and so I took the Saturday off from the tattoo shop to spend some time with the boys. Well honestly the kids ditched us the second we were through the gates, but that was fine.

It was HOT out. Not like, kind of hot, but like half the people there had sunburns by the end of the first day hot. Like, it's totally worth it to stand in a half hour line to refill your water bottle hot.

I was most excited to see Father John Misty, The Black Keys and The Sheepdogs, and very curious about how Jane's Addiction would be. Everyone we saw was great. ESPECIALLY Father John Misty. Love that guy!! I searched for a video to show you all and a guy posted one from almost exactly where I was standing.

The guy in the red hat in the corner of the video is one of the artists from Tattoo Zoo, Mason, and I was right beside him! :) Small world.

See? This is the picture I took.

It was a good weekend, and Ryan and I got to spend a lot of time together, just him and me, not doing errands or being in or around the house. It's funny how that kind of thing becomes a rarity.


Magic number 2: (lol)

I have been giving T-dog his various allergy medications in a little scoop of peanut butter every morning and night, and I've found that using a fork makes it a little easier to clean. I swear, cleaning peanut butter spoons is THE WORST. Anyway after a week or so of doing this I realized I made a peanut butter rose.


Magic number 3:

I've been given about a month of full-time bookstore work, because they can use all the help they can get around there with setting up the Fall books. You should see the insane amount of pallets piled high with boxes and cases of books that keep arriving and arriving, every day there's more. And every single book in every single box on every single pallet has to be meticulously recorded and stocked in its appropriate area, and then the shelves have to be labelled and stocked in the store by course. It's a huge job.

Anyway bla bla bla, that's not the magic part. The magic thing happened last week. I was putting a million books on a million shelves in the bookstore and I literally, over the course of 3 days, heard 4 people mention adult coloring books.

So I emailed the bookstore manager, who is also the manager of the printshops around both campuses, and said hey, we should get coloring books in here. Or, you know, maybe I could design one...?

I just threw it out there. And HE SAID YES. So I've been working every spare moment on this new super fun project. Here's an example page I posted on my never_see_them_fing instagram:

Right now I'm drawing a skyline of Victoria for a page. I am aiming to have 60 pages ready for September. Wish me luck with this!!


Magic number 4:

The movie Trainwreck. It is HILARIOUS. Ryan surprised me with movie tickets last night and since I am a huge Amy Schumer fan and a huge Bill Hader fan it was a no-brainer, we had to see it. I totally 100% say go see it unless you are easily offended, like the 2 ladies sitting in front of us. I kept hearing little exclamations like "OH THAT'S DISGUSTING" hahaha

Maybe look at some of Amy's stand up before you see the movie, actually.

I like her. A lot.

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