Saturday, 4 July 2015

new drawings - the wins and the fails

I haven't had much luck with my watercolor pencils. Nah, that's not right. I am just learning to use watercolor pencils and am not up to my own standards yet. I keep starting out with these grandiose ideas, but maybe I'm using the wrong medium for the wrong thing?

Anyway I'll show you what I mean. First, here's what I would consider a successful use of watercolor pencils. This was actually Ryan's idea, he said I should do a nun matroyska that's empty (because they don't have families I guess) and put "none" in a banner. So I was like "ok" and did it. This took me about an hour.

It's pretty simple and I think that's the key to a watercolor pencil drawing when you're still learning to use them. Because as you'll see with the next two things I tried, they got crazy and there was too much color mixing and weirdness, it ended up ruining them.

So this one I actually never finished, and I don't have a photo of how I ruined it, but this is what I was happy with. As soon as I started hating it I stopped photographing it.

The elements of it looked good but as soon as I started working on the walls behind everything and the water and all that it went to shit.


This one is tragic to me because it started out really cool and I still love elements of it.

I like what I did with the honeycomb in the background, and the alien and the skeleton look pretty ok. I am so bummed I screwed up the rest of it though. This one is almost worth a do-over. Or elements of it anyway. 


So after these disappointments I decided to take a little break from the watercolor pencils, because I was feeling shitty about myself. I got out a sketchbook and just did crosshatching until it loosened me up again.

And then I went back to Simpsons things. A while ago I held a contest on my Never_See_Them_Fing instagram account where the winner got to choose any Simpsons moment for me to draw, and the winner wanted "Homer skipping with the bunnies in the land of chocolate"

Ok, why not? It was really fun to draw actually and I finished it in a single evening.


And then I got into a real sketching only kind of mood. Which is good. I've set future me up with a lot of coloring to do.


And finally, the other day I had a day off and spent most of it making this. I posted this photo on instagram with the caption "can you guess what I'm drawing?"

One person said caterpillar. It's like they don't even know me.

It's a weird Marge with a flower border. Of course. Duh! 

So that's what I've been making lately. What about you?

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