Saturday, 18 July 2015

When you're in the bridal party you have no time to take pictures

My little sister got married last Saturday.

Her and her ... HUSBAND! (WHAT THE FUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck my little sister has a husband omg) have been together for EVER. They were high school sweethearts and it just feels right that they're married now.


Setting up and decorating

The day before the wedding there was a lot of work to be done: moving chairs, hanging lights, finishing all kinds of finicky decorating thingys, stalking stocking the bar, etc etc etc. My sister knows me and that I didn't want to be around a bunch of strangers all day, so she gave me the task of making a sign to go over the candy bar. I went out with the maid of honor and we scoured the town for a chalk board. How hard is it to find a chalk board you may ask? Well. Our first destination, WalMart, was closed due to the power being out (?) and yeah. Nowhere else in the town has even heard of chalkboards I guess.

I ended up finding some acrylic paint and kitchen "art" with roosters on it at the dollar store and improvised.

Between coats of grey I moved 300 chairs and helped with table cloth placement. I ended up bringing it all back to my mom's house and outlining everything with sharpies. I was going to just use the black paint but the only brushes I could find were super stiff dollar store type and they were not cutting it. Oh well, it turned out ok.

Everyone else worked much harder than I did. 


Getting there from our house: Walk 1.2km, bus, bus, walk 2km to airport because we missed the shuttle, stop and pick blackberries, walk more, airplane, taxi. Stay at dad's house overnight. Borrow dad's Jeep. Drive 2.5 hours. Arrive very hot and sweaty. Start plotting ways to steal the Jeep from my dad.

Getting home: Drive 2.5 hours, stay at dad's house, boys go to football game while I go to grandma's house, sleep again, super early ride with dad on his way to work, airplane, airplane, shuttle, bus, bus, trolley, walk 1 block. Home by noon.


Quote of the week:

My grandma: You can all come over to my place on Monday.
Ryan: We are going to a football game in the evening but I'm free all afternoon.
Grandma (to Ryan): Well you can come over any time.
Ryan: Grandma! You're not supposed to flirt with me in front of Nova.
Grandma: Well, you know me, I'm easy!
All: LOL
Grandma: Oh no, I'm not easy! But you can trick me! (wink)


I have learned that I need to practice getting my picture taken before I'm in a wedding. Holy unflattering photos everywhere. Yikes. Thanks Facebook haha


My family is fun. Due to a stupid foot situation I couldn't do much dancing and due to an antidepressant situation I couldn't do much drinking but I still had a great time and was there until 2-ish in the morning.


Bad customer service stories.

1. The wedding taxi. 

There was supposed to be a free taxi set up all night for wedding guests. Great idea, right? Well yes, if the taxi driver wasn't driving a black car, parked with his lights off at the very far corner of the parking lot!

My BROTHER IN LAW (WHAAAAT NEW BROTHER!!!) ended up phoning the taxi company asking where the guy was, and they said he was there. He went outside and said he didn't see any taxi. I guess the guy got in trouble because next thing you know he drove up and started swearing at the groom and said he could forget it, no taxi for you.

And left.

No taxi. Luckily by that time there was maybe only 30-ish guests left so my step-dad volunteered to drive everyone else home. But seriously what the hell?

2. The hotel.

We heard numerous stories about this same hotel the day after the wedding but this was the worst one. After getting a ride to the hotel wearing literally just their wedding clothes, no wallets or anything, my sister and her new husband showed up to check in to their wedding suite.

Bridal suite?

Whatever it's called, you know what I mean. The fancy room for newlyweds.

So yeah they walk in and say "we are here for our room" and the lady says "there is no reservation for you here".


My sister said they stood there for an extremely long time while the lady did nothing but reiterate over and over that there was nothing under their names until finally one of them had to say OK WHAT IS THE SOLUTION HERE?

To which she replied...

"Well, we do have this other honeymoon suite available."

Um yeah, maybe she could have mentioned that first!

Dogs and cats.

There is one thing you can't ever get enough of, and that's pictures of DOGS. At least in my opinion. So between my dad's goofy dog and my mom's 39248032984 weird little mops my instagram feed was flooded for a while with animal photos. 

There are a few cats in there as well. 

I think we need a bigger version of this one:

Bahaha. The standing up one's name is Wooly Bear and he's pretty awesome.

There's so much more to tell but sometimes it gets boring to hear about people's sisters' weddings. I get it.

I'll end it here and maybe if I think of more good stories I'll tell you later.

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