Thursday, 20 August 2015

Almost there

I had a funny moment the other day where I realized I've been slowing down and putting off finishing this book. The Fear is getting me.

Capital The, capital Fear.

You know, that thing that causes so many artistic people to fail, give up, quit, act too cool ... that thing.

I'm almost done making a coloring book. 
Not scary at all, right?

Yes it is.
For no reason.

Ryan and I have been talking it out a lot, and I'm not letting it stop me. But you guys it is totally there and manifesting in strange ways. For example, nearing the end of my page goal my drawings started getting more and more elaborate. I ended up scrapping 3 pages halfway through because they weren't "good enough", that kind of thing. Wasting time, procrastinating, getting super picky.

Last night I started working on the cover and by the end of the night I was so upset, I hated it, it's stupid, it's ugly, I'm a loser, everybody hates me and I'm the worst at everything all the time forever ... you know, the usual.

But this morning I looked at it again and it's really cool. I think THE FEAR was getting to me. The cover is the final step. After that all I really have to do is have the designs approved by the appropriate authorities (make sure none are too weird or offensive I guess) and then bring my pages to the printer. And ... yeah. Done. Book made.

Here are some other pages from the book. These are all on my Never_See_Them_Fing instagram account so you may have seen them before, but all grouped together it looks like something I can be proud of.

What am I worried about really?

It's weird. 

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