Friday, 28 August 2015

colouring book pre-orders available now!

You may remember that I was accepted into a pretty neato visual storytelling program. I am so stoked, not only because I love going to school more than anybody should, but also because I really feel like I'm coming into my own with artistic expression. I'm learning a lot just by trying out new techniques and experimenting on my own in my kitchen after work, but with some actual guidance who knows where I'll go?

So I made a colouring book. I did this as a creative challenge to myself but also because I seriously need help funding this program. College classes are always expensive but these ones are REALLY expensive. I don't know why, I guess because only 20 students are admitted every year so they make up for it by charging twice as much?

The book is going to be roughly magazine-sized. It is going to be "perfect bound" and I chose a paper that works with most typical colouring media. I tested it for bleed-through with a variety of markers and pencils. There is a place in the beginning of the book where you can test your markers/paints/whatever with a blank page behind it to see how it will look.

 Copics bleed through everything, lol

Pre-orders are only $12 within Canada and $15 anywhere else in the world (no taxes or extra shipping costs attached) for a limited time. I will also throw in extra fun stuff. This will help cover printing costs as well as maybe get me some top ramen or pencils or whatever it is kids these days need at college. 
The full title is "An Introduction to Procrastination and Creative Relaxation" and I have handed it all off to the printers. They've got test pages for me to OK for darkness etc early next week and then they are officially in production.

Here are some examples of what you will be getting!

In total I figured out I spent around 80 hours drawing for this book and did it all in under a month. It was a lot of work, to say the least.

To place an order PayPal/e-transfer the money to (and don't forget to give me your mailing address) or if you know me outside of the Internet we can work something else out. I appreciate each and every one of you, thank you!

Please share with your friends! :) Once these are printed they will be available in my Etsy store and at both campus bookstores at Camosun College. (How fancy am I?)

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