Sunday, 30 August 2015

here and now

I am trying another new medication for anxiety/depression/panic shit and it's blowing my mind at the moment. I took half of a 25mg pill about half an hour ago, so like, half of the smallest size it comes in and whoa I am feeling pretty weird. The bottle says "may cause drowsiness" and you're not allowed to like, drive a forklift or what have you. No shit.

It's weird when you start one of these pills, you never really have any idea what's going to happen but you go ahead and try it because it's supposed to make you better. Usually it affects you weirdly for a few days until your brain settles down with its new seratonin doses, your body adjusts, and in my case, in about three months you're back floating outside your body, squeezing your fingernails into your fists and rubbing your eyes a little too hard while sitting at your desk at work hoping your boss doesn't notice you were just nodding blankly while she talked because you were actually behind your own eyes with a ringing in your ears so you couldn't possibly understand what she just said.

That's not a good feeling to say the least.

But yeah the first few days you feel it doing something to your head. You feel it in the way you know when you're dreaming, you feel it in your third eye, you feel it the way a worm feels a bird approaching from the sky.

That doesn't make sense but it's true.

Well, wish me luck because my brain chemistry is once again being altered a little bit and hopefully it's for the better.


Here are some drawings I did last night. I want to tell you guys this, even though it'll ruin the picture for you a little bit. The mummy man in the middle was supposed to be Pee Wee Herman but I couldn't get the face right so I made him into a mummy instead. hahahaha just google Pee Wee and you'll see the picture I was going for. I haven't given up on a Pee Wee portrait but that one was not working out.

The Beavis one is making me laugh still today. I remember that episode. Drawing is so fun!


I found some blank-covered Moleskine journals in a shop the other day and decided to buy them and make them awesome, then sell them for a small profit. I think they turned out pretty sweet if I do say so myself.


One final thing, I must insist you watch What We do in the Shadows. It is probably the funniest movie I've ever seen. I almost didn't stop laughing the entire time. The premise is a documentary crew follows around a bunch of vampires who are roommates in New Zealand. So good. I will never do it justice. I found the first 6 minutes on Youtube so you can get a feel for it. I love Peter the best lol

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