Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Progress with the coloring book and a look at how bad I actually am at drawing alligator heads. And a special thank you deal.

It's coming along but slowly. I mean SLOWLY. My goal was to have 60 pages done by the end of this week. Well I have 30 so far. Um. Yeah. I am not giving up though, I REALLY want to get this thing ready for when school starts in a few weeks. Yikes! Oh my god school is starting in a few weeks and I'M IN SCHOOL AAAAGH

Anyway back to the coloring book, maybe I can do a few "easier" ones, like without spending hours figuring out how to draw an alligator head.

Oh, the alligator head. 

I cracked myself up so much trying to figure this out. This was me REALLY trying to draw an alligator, looking at reference photos and everything:

I was happy with the final one there in the bottom right corner. But aren't those other ones hilarious??? The top right looks like a Haida-style bird or something. And the top left has a disability or is about to sneeze maybe?

Anyway I am actually pretty proud of how the alligator turned out in the end.

I'm bummed about the death before decaf image pictured below, I got a case of wobble-hands while inking the coffee lid and it looks terrible. I might do that one over though, I'm super into the faux Starbucks/reaper logo I came up with.


I want to thank you, my blog readers, for being so wonderful and encouraging while I learn to draw. I feel like it's picking up speed now, I am getting better at looking at a thing and having the confidence to say "hey I can probably draw that thing".

I can't do much for you, but I can offer you a deal on Etsy shop. This coupon is good for the rest of the month of August. For anything priced $10 or more just use the code


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Tell your friends! lol

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