Saturday, 8 August 2015

Where I am

About a week ago Ryan bought me this pretty mosaic tile table so I can sit outside with my laptop and my coffee and hang out with the dog in the morning. And it's perfect. That chair is comfier than it looks. Tank is SO HAPPY when I come out and sit with him. I can hear the birds and squirrel fights. (Seriously there is a turf war or something happening in the trees each morning, you hear scuffling sounds and then branches and pine cones drop from 30 feet above.) The air is fresh, the sky is clear.

I make really good strong coffee.

The grocery store near our house makes raisin-less bran muffins and they are THE BEST. Tank likes the smell of them, maybe they smell a little like dog food I guess, but he begs so hard whenever I have one. I think it's funny that my food smells like dog food.

Everyone in the house is still asleep, they always sleep later than I do. I'm one of those "morning people" you hear about. I don't get how somebody could feel satisfied with their day after wasting so many hours in bed. But then again I go to bed at night much earlier than a lot of people, and they probably feel the same way about me.

We have two hockey nets in our driveway. I would make a Canada joke but it's a little hack.

I've been picking up comedian lingo from listening to so many podcasts run by comedians. I also feel like spending so many hours listening to funny and inspirational people talk has benefited me, like maybe I am a little bit funnier and a little bit more confident in my weird self.

Do you ever think that the name your parents gave you affected who you have become? Like maybe if I were a Jennifer instead of a Nova I'd be a banker who likes watching The Bachelor and listens to top 40 music?

Okay, that, ladies and germs, was what we call stream of consciousness writing. The end.

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