Tuesday, 8 September 2015

an introduction to procrastination and creative relaxation - on sale now - and other things I've been working on

You people have blown my mind with your kindness. I picked up 120 copies of my colouring book from the printshop on Friday. Today is Tuesday and I have 24 left to sell.

Jeepers creepers! :)

I made sure to get them out in the mail instantly, as Ryan has had a really shitty time with an online purchase and I never want to be "that company" who doesn't mail your shit out for a YEAR but continually promises it's in the mail. No thank you! My Etsy shop says it'll be in the mail in 1-3 business days and I mean it.

Sometimes it's good to have a bad customer service experience if you're open to learning something from it.

People keep asking me if I'm excited but I'm just kind of relieved and curious. Will people like it? It's really cool to figure out the process of creating something like this and knowing I can do it again whenever I want.

I've been making a heck of a lot of things lately and I have to say I am pretty stoked on how they're turning out.


Here's a page of watercolor Barts. 

Purchase it here


Here are some line drawings.

That killer whale one was cracking me up last night.
I was drawing Ryan's friend's dog as a gift to her and was very happy with the way it was coming out...until I used watercolor pencils and realized I used a water soluble black pen for the lines!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO

I only added water to the blue background, the inside of one of the ears and the tennis ball before rage-quitting. (There's not supposed to be black in any of those areas.

I sent it to her like this because she still liked it but I didn't put my name on it, hahaha.


This is also a funny story that worked out quite well. As I mentioned before, What We Do In The Shadows is the funniest best movie ever, and so for fun I drew and colored a picture of one of the vampires Petyr with some bats. Someone I know expressed interest in it so I mailed it away without a second thought. 

That same day I received an email from somebody who wanted to buy it, ah, that's the way it goes, no?
So I did a new one on commission which is a new and very amazing exciting thing for me!! I went in a more creepy vampire direction with the second one, but I love them both equally. If any of you ever want to pay me to make you things let me know because it's really fun for me.

Okay it's time for me to get ready for school EEEEEEEEEEEEK I'm so nervous. 
Send me good thoughts today! 

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