Monday, 21 September 2015

birthday stockings

Today is Ryan's birthday, I got him five presents. Don't get me wrong, I know five presents is a lot, but there is one thing I feel is missing.

I'm a real gift giver at any chance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping Santa put together stockings at Christmas time. It is THE BEST. A hundred million tiny gifts, each chosen to suit each person? I could spend a thousand dollars a person just on stocking gifts.
And opening stockings? SO GREAT.

I didn't know this, but not every family had the tradition of a great amazing stocking. The stocking was just a nothing. For example, Ryan's family would put an orange and a mini box of cereal in his, and that was his Christmas breakfast.

In my family my mom was getting jewelry and expensive chocolates, and we were getting all kinds of fun toiletries and cool socks or underwear and small gifts, each individually wrapped. And lots of candy and toys.

Even when my mom was a single parent and Santa clearly went to the dollar store to bulk up our gift-to-kid ratio, we still got fun stockings. Ryan told me he used to hate stockings until I showed him how to do it right! 

So this is what I feel I should have done differently:

I should have created a new tradition. Birthday stockings. WHY NOT? It's not that weird! They don't even have to go into over-sized socks by the chimney, it can just be a gift bag full of tiny cute fun presents. But we still have to call it a stocking. That's the rule.

Strong hint: my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks.

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