Wednesday, 30 September 2015

hand tattoos and warped tour bodysuits

 I have a feeling this is going to be one of those posts I look back on in a few years and cringe, like when you re-read your high school diaries about sheeple and the love of your life high school boyfriend who you refer to as "my honey". BARF.

I have a lot of internal "rules" I feel like I personally need to follow when it comes to tattoos. The "warped tour bodysuit" offends me. I know there are a lot of people out there who will argue "it's their body let them put tattoos where they want bla bla bla" but I hold the belief that you have to "earn" job-stopper tattoos (hands face and neck). You don't get to look tough without putting in the hours.

This is what I'm talking about:

When he puts on a shirt he's going to look heavily tattooed. It's such a poser thing to do. You do those areas LAST. That is the rule. haha

Anyway my own self-imposed rules are similar. You must have full arms before getting hand tattoos. Also a job you cannot be fired from that has room for promotion/turning into a career.

Check and (as of yesterday) check!!

So I've been doing my research and from just taking screenshots of hand tattoos I liked, it looks like I'm very into the entire hand being covered, and traditional roses. That's easy! :) These were my 9 favorites from last night:

I wouldn't really want a two-parter like the butterfly one but it's SO PRETTY. And the fingers in the top right corner are so gorgeous but that's probably a bit much for a college office worker. For now anyway! Start slow.

I'm also still into palms, finger and knuckle tattoos, especially two phrases "READ MORE" and "WORK HARD" and cool black symbols. I don't find knuckle tattoos to look rough or "hard", but I might be in the minority with that one. My boss/friend Sarah Kramer just got her knuckles done and they're super cute!

Anyway bla bla bla I want hand tattoos now and it's exciting to have waited so long and finally be "allowed" to get them.  Any of you have hand tattoos? What about tattoo "rules" for yourself?

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