Tuesday, 29 September 2015

it's a tuesday morning and I should be getting ready for work

I miss freestyle blogging and am going to try and do it more. Not everything has to have a structure.

I got my job yesterday!

I mean, I FINALLY, after over a year of working the job, own it. I am officially IN. With benefits and paid holidays and not ever having to interview for it again. It's only 16 hours a week but it's MIIINNNNEEEE.

It was funny, I really must have had a "hire-me" vibe going on because after I did the interview I went straight back to work, which included me going and chatting with the manager of the print shop (where I got my colouring books printed) and was offered some work there as well!

I said yes because I'm just saying yes to everything right now and it seems to be going pretty well.

How many irons can I have in the fire at once?

Ryan says I'm happier the busier I am and I agree. I get depressed and stressed when I feel useless.

So I am happy and busy and enjoying all the things.

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