Friday, 11 September 2015


When you have light colored eyes and you take a selfie from such an angle they look really creepy. And if you have long hair and a skylight you can make yourself look like a scary witch!


I know I must be boring you all with my single track mind lately. Draw draw draw paint coloring book bla bla bla, I am a one-speed bicycle.

Is that an ok metaphor?

Probably not. One track pony.

LOL I meant trick but that sounds better. I'm leaving it. One track mind and a one trick pony COMBINED.


Anyway what else is happening?

Well to be honest not much.

My days are very tightly packed lately. I work 5 or 6 days a week and I have 4 hour classes Tues-Thurs, and Sunday is a catch-up/relax/housework day. I've been making almost daily trips to the post office to mail out coloring books.

I'm also drawing for a second coloring book already because this first one was a success. This is usually a few hours in the evenings, me in sweat pants and my hair tied up messily, propping up my sketchbook on my legs that are tucked up under me and watching whatever crappy tv happens to be on.

I want to be painting and drawing things for people. If you have an idea, maybe a favorite movie character or monster you want me to paint I will be doing these on commission (for a fair price too!) but I'll write about that another time. If you have an idea now we can email about it. Tell me any budget from $20 to $500000000 and I can make it work.

( I made that big and bold so you can't miss it. I want to do this! )

Here's what else is happening in the periphery.

The NHL held a draw recently for a special hockey game that's happening near our house, it's the Vancouver Canucks playing ... somebody else? Anyway the game is happening on Ryan's birthday so we both entered, and didn't win. But I won something else; there was a second draw for the losers to win 2 tickets to go watch the teams practice that day.

So that's a thing.

Tank is doing as well as can be expected for an old bulldog I think. He's happy and sleeps 22 hours a day. He still plays on his skateboard and gets silly around dinner time. He's getting more lovey in his old age and we've taken to calling him Honey Bear after the Father John Misty song.

The kids are back in school too but you are all sick to death of kid updates in your social media, I know this! Ryan works 2 jobs too, so our time together has been short but nice, we try and make the most of each other when we can. And we are good at sensing which one of us needs the most help that day, the other one will pick up the slack. We're good that way.

What's new with you? Anything I need to know about? Any news?

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