Tuesday, 22 September 2015

my first comic - pencils

I think the pencils are done anyway, one thing I love/worry about in this class is we are given a LOT of free reign. I think it probably accurately reflects the business. Our assignment was "what I did on my summer vacation" and everybody went in TOTALLY different directions.

Mine is about Tank, obviously.

The guy sitting next to me illustrated a recipe but made all the food sentient, so like, screaming after they've been roasted and stuff like that. It's amazing. I can't wait to see everyone else's.

Here's mine so far.

I started with an HB pencil but after I got it all in there I felt like you still couldn't see what the heck was going on, so I went over the important stuff with a 4B pencil.

Do you know the difference in pencil leads?

B = black
H = hard

So the higher the H number, the harder the pencil is and the lighter the lines are.
The higher the B number, the softer the lead and the darker the lines.

And if you find an F, that's juuuuust a tiny bit darker than an HB.

No idea why it's called F.

I also found out really quickly why a woodless pencil is so much better than a wood one. I actually started out using a wooden 8b but the stupid wood cracked and the lead kept breaking. It was SO frustrating. So I got out a woodless 4b and everything was smooth sailing from there.

Except I got lead all over my hands and face.


Our syllabus says otherwise, but our instructor said we are going to be learning the inking process today. FUN. That's my jam, screw this pencil shit lol

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