Thursday, 10 September 2015

The first 2 days of comic book school

Wow you guys I am ... I don't know how to say it.

Last night I declared to Ryan that I am so happy with the way my life is turning right now. It feels right to be drawing every night and learning about art stuff in the day.

There are so many different types of weirdos in my class. I love weirdos.

Some are a little boastful, some are a little too "art school" for me (one woman declared yesterday "YOU PEOPLE ARE SO REPRESSED" when we wouldn't go smoke with her during the break lol!!) YOU PEOPLE.




It's hilarious, come on.

I bet she went out there and smoked with one of those long cigarette holders, plotting how to steal those hundred and one dalmatians.

The classroom is gorgeous. It was completely renovated 2 years ago and has all new stuff in it. There are light tables bigger than my dining room table! There are 2 full-sized scanners. Each one of us has a desk with a ginormous computer monitor that is on an arm so it can swing out of the way ... and then the desk top lifts up and turns into an easel!

We each had to get a special key card, like in a hotel, and we are literally the only people allowed in those rooms. If we see anybody not in our class we have to alert somebody immediately.

So exclusive!

Such fancy!

And the instructor is endlessly interesting. So far, anyway. I mean it has only been 2 days. But I mean ... his first job was when he went to NYC and literally knocked on Stan Lee's door and asked for a job, and became an inker. Yeah. He's worked for Disney, Marvel and everything in-between. He knows Douglas Copeland and he was the artist who painted the first 2 Spawn covers. I will stop ranting but yeah.

We had a huge discussion on art supplies. One of the things he mentioned made me laugh, it was which pens to NOT use with watercolor...remember THIS from last week? lol what timing.

Our first assignment is a six or nine panel comic on "what I did on my summer vacation" ... from the perspective on any avatar we want to choose. I'm thinking of doing my story from the perspective of Tank.

That'll be funny.

Today is life-drawing class. We are literally going to be those students who sit around in a circle and draw models draped in fabric ... OR NUDE. I always wanted to try this, it should be really interesting!!

Anyway I'm 100% glad I'm in this program. It's amazing.

Oops I have 4 minutes to get ready for work. THE END

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