Friday, 2 October 2015

move up another level

I am ... dare I say it? Proud of myself. Yesterday in life drawing class we had a short lesson in hands and feet, and then immediately went on to draw our first nude model.

 Finger tips of fingers.

It was actually a lot easier to draw a figure when she was naked, and I didn't shy away from drawing pubes or a buttcrack or whatever either. If I saw it I drew it. And it wasn't awkward at all. I always thought the model might feel weird about it which is dumb because it was their choice to take the job, and this first gal was super chill.

We have a lot of homework due for next week and I'm really stoked to work on it. We have to practice hands and feet in our sketchbook and hand it in, and we have to start a splash page using one of the drawings from our sketchbook as a base. I'm thinking of taking one of the people and make it a Halloween page, dressing them up in a costume. Maybe a mummy or a vampire or something ... it has to be something that shows the body shape, that seems the easiest. I don't know yet though.

Here is an instagram collage of my favorite of the drawings I did yesterday in class, and then some hand and foot practice I worked on last night while Ryan watched some show I wasn't interested in.

I'm not super happy with the angle of her feet but if I could just erase that one line on the left side ankle it would be much better. Also...hands are HARD TO DRAW. Holy shit. I know everybody says it but seriously. They don't make logical sense. It's kind of like a square but then all these things jutting out of it and it tapers at the wrist side and there are bends everywhere and lines and wrinkles. Toes are easy, you just do circles with stems basically.

I'm going to do another few pages of practice hands today, and probably some feet too for fun.

Nerd alert.

But I guess that was obvious when I started going to comic book school.

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