Friday, 2 October 2015

pants shopping while fat

Feeling shitty about your body? Not quite as self confident as you usually are? Having a perfectly fine day off at home?

Why not totally ruin it by shopping for pants?

I really tried to keep a positive attitude, but right now I am at the very top end of the "trendy" stores' sizing, meaning sometimes their biggest sizes fit and sometimes they don't. So it's a game of grabbing everything that may fit, then trying to squeeze into their "large" while telling yourself you're fine with the way you look and big butts are in right now.

Not a fun game.

I ended up only fitting into one pair of a light-wash denim that had a hole in an unfortunate area, and a pair of men's cut-off shorts that I didn't really need anyway. So I left empty handed.

And also feeling like a big fat loser.

Isn't that the dumbest? Why don't I just shop in an age and size appropriate store instead?

I am home now, wearing joggers that fit me nicely and a loose tank top with a hoodie over everything and a hummingbird said hi to me and I am about to draw some stuff so it's all coming back around to happy again. Funny how that works.

Don't try to be something you're not is the lesson of the day. Believe it or not a 33 year old woman is not a 20 year old woman and sometimes their clothes are different and that's ok. If you're normally ok with looking how you look and shopping in one store changes that, maybe just don't go to that store.

Oh yeah, I'm turning 33 on the 7th so get mailing those presents!

Your pal,

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