Tuesday, 27 October 2015

winter is coming - a quick life update as I make myself miss the bus this morning

A tweet I retweeted the other day:

Yes yes yes so true.

I literally have been listening to more black metal in the past few weeks. Good ol' Dimmu Borgir and some Isole too for a real dramatic feel to these early crisp mornings and grey windy afternoons. The colorful leaves are still there but without the sunshine they aren't vibrant, they're dead in the chill.


Speaking of my blog title, isn't it funny how we elected a Prime Minister who vaguely resembles Jon Snow? King of the North?


What else, what else. I've been drawing a lot, no surprise there. I started another new job at the college, I am an on-call printshop worker. I like it. They've got a lot of repetitive production/bindery tasks to do all the time. Sure, I'll laminate 200 safety cards! I'll make 500 buttons! I'll shrink wrap 64 coursepacks! Heck yes. I told the boss there I feel like I was born to work in a factory. I really enjoy work like that.

A note was left on my desk at work last week with a card from a publisher attached. It said something like "this woman saw your colouring books and would like you to call her". Well of course my imagination ran wild with images of me finally making it big ... turns out it's a very small local zine. But it's a cool one that I knew of before that day, and I'm going to do colouring pages for them as well in exchange for advertising. As I said to her, I'm saying yes to anything that expands my horizons in a creative way.

Tank is doing ok, he's got a bit of an ear/eye thing going on and hot spots everywhere but that's just par for the course with him.

Halloween is Saturday and we haven't carved any pumpkins or anything, and I honestly don't feel like I have the time. We are going to the kid's away game up island and he's told us we aren't allowed to wear costumes. No fair! haha

I'm missing out on this as well, if you're on the island and love tattoos and Halloween stuff you should totally go.

Speaking of Tattoo Zoo, there is an online shop now called YES PLEASE where you can buy all the cool TZ swag ... and mayyyyybe I am going to get to sell some stuff there too! :)

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