Saturday, 14 November 2015


Hiya folks! If you like things and want me to draw a thing, I will do it for you. I can draw anything you want I bet. Or I will die trying. No I won't die but I'll like...try really hard.

I've got an enfeebled little old bulldog who needs a lot of medication to get by in this rainy achy winter, and I'm coming up short. Because I also need medications to not be a crazy person and unfortunately I bought mine first. :(

It's so frustrating that I have "4" jobs (quotations because 2 are "casual" positions) but still only work 20 hours a week. It's straight up not enough, and this is where art will save me. prayer-hands emoji


I recently did this little Totoro guy for Rae (who has one of my favorite blogs btw). This is an 8.5x11 full color image done in mainly alcohol-based marker on watercolor paper. The umbrella is a shiny gold which does not photograph well.

So here comes the shake-down. I'm offering drawings at a discount rate so as to lure you all into paying me for art. The first one is cheap...that's where I getcha.

Prices are as follows (in Canadian dollars):

Option 1: Black and white 8.5x11 ink lines, crosshatching and dots for shading, medium amount of details- $40 +shipping
Option 2: Same thing, 11x17 - $50+shipping
Option 3: Black and white, 8.5x11, crosshatching and dots for shading, crazy tiny details everywhere - $50+shipping
Option 4: Same as 3, 11x17 - $60+shipping
Option 5 - Black and white, 8.5x11, inkwash shading, medium details - $50+shipping
Option 6 - Same as 6, 11x17 - $60+shipping
Option 7 - Black and white, 8.5x11, inkwash shading, a billion teeny details $60+shipping
Option 8 - Same as 7, 11x17 $70+shipping
Option 9 - FULL COLOUR BABY (lol) done in fancy markers 8.5x11, medium detail $50+shipping
Option 10- Same as 9, 11x17 $60+shipping
Option 11 - Full colour markers, tons of detail 8.5x11 $60+shipping
Option 12 - Same as 11, 11x17 - $70+shipping
Option 13 - Full colour watercolour  8.5x11 $80+shipping
Option 14 - Same as 13, 11x17 $90+shipping
Option 15 - Small (postcard size) goofy cartoony - $10
Option 16 - Medium simple 8.5x11 - $20


I hate to bring up the C word but Christmas is coming, what a sweet gift it would be to get somebody a pretty picture of their dog or cat or their favorite tv show or an inside joke.

I'd also like to put it out there that I'm very into doing book illustrations, drawing comics, or working in basically any other artistic capacity. I would love to help you with your visual storytelling.

If you, like me, don't have any expendable income at the moment, could you please share this post around so a millionaire might see it and order 45 dog portraits and a children's book author will hire me to draw in the next Very Hungry Caterpillar? K thanks.

Here are some examples of illustrations I've done lately:

Email me at for more info. 


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