Thursday, 5 November 2015

ok alright ok here I am

Oh wow hi everybody! Long time no talk. I finally wrote a to-do list, and that took all my to-dos out of my head and made some room for blogging. So here I am. Where are you?

Lately life has been SO full. Every day, every second, there are 3 or more things I should be doing. Sometimes I don't do these things but most of the time I'm doing them. I have a lot of homework...deadlines deadlines deadlines. I've also been really trying to get people to trade me money for artwork.

It *almost* happened in a real way. I was in negotiations with a man who wrote a tabletop game/fantasy book thing and wanted a bunch of illustrations, but he ended up going with someone cheaper. *siiiiiigh* I don't regret asking for a fair wage though, even if it means I didn't get the gig. Fuck you, pay me.


Here's the rest of Drawlloween 2015 - I did them ALL except the final one (dragon) on Halloween because I was 3 hours out of town watching kids football in the literally POURING rain at an away game.


And in this process I discovered I like drawing cat heads. So I've been doing MORE DRAWING.



I've been working on this comic for my class, it's 8 pages of 11x17 paper and these flowers are KILLING ME. Oh well, you learn these things by doing them. Now I know just how long something this detailed will realistically take me.


It's not done yet, I probably have like 4 hours or so left to work on it.  I am using ALL THE BROWN in this project.



I had pencils due for a splash page today, I did them really quick last night but I'm totally happy with what I came up with. The assignment was to take a male and a female life drawing we did in class and put them together in a scene. I decided to make my characters people from the Suri tribe in Ethiopia ... I don't know why the idea popped in my head but I was like "what should I draw...I know, people with lip plates". Turns out only the women have stretched lips as far as I could tell but whatever.

This is what I've got so far, like I said I just threw it together quickly last night, but the finished product is due next week so I'll share it then.

I am going to turn the man's face to the right even though the original pose was as I drew it there. I threw a cow in because they're cute and also because I didn't want to draw a wang. The men seem to only wear a cord around their waist and a lot of body paint. So yeah. Put a cow on it.


I got new glasses. I ordered them online from Clearly Contacts (always the best online shopping experience every time, use 'em if you can). When they arrived I wasn't sure at first, they're REALLY nerdy and huge but once I wore them out a couple times and got used to my new look I really fell for them.

 Don't I look like Where's Waldo's Waldo? But like, in a good way?


YESPLEASEBRAND is now carrying my colouring books along with Tattoo Zoo swag. Check it out! :) I highly recommend the shirts with Caroline's tiger design on it. They're super comfy and really look great in person.

I'm also working on a website for my illustrations like a big girl. Here's what I've got so far. Like I said I'm still working on it. :)


Anyway I know it's not much to read about, trust me when I run into somebody in the street who I haven't seen in a while it's so awkward when the "what's new?" question comes up. Um. NOTHING. Seriously. I watch Scrubs on Netflix and draw stupid tiny brown flowers for 5 hours at a time. Nobody cares about that shit. But I have a lot of fun doing it so ... yeah. That's what matters.

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