Monday, 23 November 2015

Thank You!

Wow this is the best most fun thing ever! I've got a little line-up of dog and cat portraits to do and it's super fun to make them :) These are the first three I've done, I'm going to be honest, I had to re-do two of them ... we will just chalk that up to learning. Willow has a "special" version of her painting with one eye way out of place, and Lily has two "special" versions of herself out there, one has a weird paw and one ... is straight up in the garbage.

Anyway these aren't 100% done yet but they're almost there and that's something.

All the proceeds from doing these are going towards old mister Tank and his outrageous vet bills. I brought him in on Friday and came home with this.

He's got arthritis in his ankles, a thing on his foot that may be a tumor or maybe not, a skin infection, an underproducing tear duct that caused his eye to be too dry, scarring on this dry eye from it being too dry and a nasty ear infection.

So this trip was kind of an all-encompassing antibiotic/ear drops/eye drops kind of visit, we are going back in 2 weeks to create a plan to keep his arthritic legs as comfortable as possible. I'm assuming this will involve a giant bottle of metacam. So yeah...keep the portrait commissions coming y'all. I'm going to need all the help I can get!

All for him.

Oh and check out my website here. Let me know if you can spot any errors or weird formatting or anything please! I need a second set of eyes on it.

Thank you!

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