Sunday, 27 December 2015

a huge amount of links for the post-christmas blues

The Beatles prepare to cross Abbey Road.

And now, two unsettling videos, for very different reasons.

1. Sesame credit. This is REAL and holy shit, the Chinese government is brilliantly evil for coming up with this.I think it is important to spread the word about this before it becomes mandatory. Because ... wow.

2. This Simpsons intro is the most disturbing thing I've watched in a long time. I am warning you it is horrifyingly gory and awful, based off the movie You're Next which I will never watch after seeing this.
 I watched this unprepared and it made me feel weird for days. That being said, I wasn't expecting an actual terrifying video when I watched it but you are, so maybe it'll be different for you. Good luck!

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