Saturday, 5 December 2015


2015 is almost over? HOW? What on earth? Where did it go?

Am I one of those old people who says "time flies" and "I remember when you were this big"? Because I'm starting to feel both those things.

My schoolwork is bottlenecking into a week of insane deadlines but then it's over. Next week is the last week of the first half of my program already!!!! It's so sad, I'm loving it so much and it's already half over. We had our final life drawing  class on Thursday. I'm going to have to seek out other life drawing classes to attend once school's out because it is so much fun. There are weekend drop-ins around town that sound pretty cool.

Our life-drawing instructor asked the guys in our class if they'd like to model, and so a couple of them did. One guy brought costumes like a bathrobe and a weird hat, the other guy just wore his street clothes. Which include a poncho and an eye patch. For real, he has some kind of illness that involves an eye patch and coughing a lot.

Since they are just regular joes they could only hold a pose for 5-10 minutes, so these are a little rougher than I'd like but whatever, it was fun drawing people I knew!

Let's call this photo series LEARNING

I was so disheartened after spending like 5 hours painting that dog twice and fucking it up twice after hours of work. The first one especially, the dog was great but I used an ugly orange by accident in the background and it turned hideous instantly. Again, it's a lesson in patience and planning. I need to step away and really think about what I'm going to do before jumping back in. 

It was a hard lesson. 


I recently discovered the 70s band Rainbow. I can't get this one song out of my head, it's so bad and great. 

Just listen to the lyrics, they're hilarious. But the song is so catchy!

Welp, that's all folks.

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