Tuesday, 1 December 2015

quick quick quick update

Hi everyone, I am still alive and well. Grouchy, maybe. Sleepy constantly. What is up with this, maybe I'm going into hibernation mode with the winter chill.

I've been painting dogs again. I already put these on instagram but tbh I'm fairly proud of myself so I'm going to self-congratulatingly put them here too.

The lonely floating dog head now has a nice blue background, I'll take a picture once he's all finished. You guys, this is so much fun. Why can't I always just be like, a professional artist who gets paid to paint dogs all day long? And cats. And lizards. And fish. Why not fish? Who wants a fish portrait? I'll do that shit like nobody's business.

I wasn't kidding about being sleepy. I've been hitting snooze for over an hour every morning, and then nodding off on the bus and generally being fuzzy in the brain. What's up with that? No good! I've got deadlines in school and work is ramping up for the winter term etc etc etc bla bla bla

My next school project is drawing somebody else's short story. I got a caterpillar massacre. You read that correctly. So that's going to be super fun! I've started it and I think what I've got is pretty funny.

When people ask me what's new I tell them about how we put up the Christmas tree and how Tank is doing and about how the kid won the big championship football game and the team was undefeated but ... those are all answers that are outside of myself. I feel like nothing is happening with me lately. I suppose I'm too busy for deep thoughts and all that at the moment.

Or it's just my sleepy brain being lazy. Whatever. Let me paint your pet.

The end.

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